Magnolia Sports Sign Up


(message from the Athletic Director, Mr. Duren) 

The start of the school year is just a few short weeks away.  Where did the summer go? With that said sports are just around the corner.

Many of you have filled out the form for me showing interest in ALL sports.  This form is for ACTUALLY  signing up for a sport.  If you have received this request already tonight please accept my apologies.

In order to plan for a very successful set of Fall sports, we need to know which athletes will be showing up for which sports.

If you know of someone that plays a sport let them know of this form.  If you know someone that is thinking about it send them to this form. You can even send it in an email with the link.

We need everyone's help in getting all 380 students to fill this out like....last week.

I look forward to the responses and to meeting you and your children in the very near future.

Here is the link and thank you!  Also...get those PHYSICALS IN Please.