Delaware Environmental Literacy Plan

by DE Children in Nature Coalition Year Published: 2012

Children and adults benefit from quality time spent outdoors. Going outside is the first step in taking advantage of “meaningful outdoor experiences” across Delaware’s incredible resources. The Children in Nature Coalition promotes quality time outdoors to increase environmental literacy of all Delawareans. First, we understand that parents and family members greatly influence a child’s values, beliefs and attitudes. Adults are the gatekeepers to parks, beaches, trails and nature centers, or perhaps it is only with a parent’s permission that a child can gain access to an opportunity to be outside. If adults embrace this notion and engage in meaningful outdoor experiences, they reap the benefits of a healthy, active and informed lifestyle along with the children they influence. Secondly, we desire teachers and administrators who support environmental and outdoor field work at all levels. Outdoor experiences help develop critical and creative thinking for all students to be college and career ready.