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District News - August 19, 2021

Caesar Rodney School District


 Be It Hereby Known To All That

the Caesar Rodney School Board Commends 

 Dr. Michael Noel

Director of Human Resources /Assistant Superintendent

Upon His Retirement


Dr. Noel is to be commended for dedicating 30 years of service to the Caesar Rodney School District. Dr. Noel graduated from Seaford High School in 1986 and began his career in 1991 as a Social Studies teacher at the Air Base Middle School, where he also coached soccer and baseball.  In 1995 he moved to Caesar Rodney High School where he coached for the baseball and swimming programs while continuing as a Social Studies teacher. For the 2000-2001 school year he served as Assistant Principal at the High School.  After taking his experience to F. Niel Postlethwait Middle School, Dr. Noel became the Assistant Principal there from 2001 – 2005.  Becoming the Principal at Postlethwait Middle School in 2005, Dr. Noel remained in that position for seven years through 2012. District administration became the next step for Dr. Noel as he was appointed the Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction in 2012, and remained there until 2014.  The current position held by Dr. Noel, Director of Human Resources, has been his area of work for over seven years, while also serving as the District Assistant Superintendent since 2017.


The Caesar Rodney School Board celebrates that Dr. Michael Noel has been recognized for his many years of service to the Caesar Rodney School District and thanks him for his dedication by directing that this tribute be presented on this 17th day of August 2021.