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District News - January 19, 2022

Caesar Rodney School District


Be It Hereby Known To All That the Caesar Rodney School Board Commends 

 Kevin Thompson

Director of Student Services

Upon His Retirement

Mr. Thompson is to be commended for dedicating 22 years of service to the Caesar Rodney School District. Kevin has held numerous positions in his time with the District.  His first position was as the Intensive Learning Center Coordinator, after which he became principal at Allen Frear Elementary School.  He also served as Supervisor of Facilities Management, and as the Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent.  The current position held by Mr. Thompson, Director of Student Services, has been his area of work for over 10 years.


The Caesar Rodney School Board celebrates that Kevin Thompson has been recognized for his many years of service to the Caesar Rodney School District and thanks him for his dedication by directing that this tribute be presented on this 18th day of January 2022.