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District News - August 7, 2023

Throughout his career, Dr. Miklus has demonstrated strong leadership skills and a dedication to improving educational outcomes. As Superintendent of the Seaford School District from 2020 to the present, he successfully elevated two schools to National Blue Ribbon status, achieved State Schools of Excellence recognition, and garnered State Recognition for other schools.

Before his role as Superintendent for the Seaford School District, Dr. Miklus served as the Assistant Superintendent and Director of Instruction. He coordinated all areas of curriculum and instruction for the district, ensuring a well-rounded and effective educational program.

Dr. Miklus also previously played a vital role in the Caesar Rodney School District, serving as the Supervisor of Instruction. In this capacity, he supervised math, science, and career technical education (CTE) curriculum for the district.  He also implemented Response to Intervention (RTI) programs, and designed and evaluated the districts Common Core math professional development.

His previous experiences as Principal of Nellie Hughes Stokes Elementary School and Woodbridge Elementary School, showcased his commitment to creating outstanding learning environments. Nellie Hughes Stokes Elementary achieved the prestigious National Title 1 Distinguished School and National Blue Ribbon Award in 2011, and he successfully implemented school-wide programs to enhance education. 


Dr. Miklus, who began his career as an educator at Star Hill Elementary School, holds a Doctorate of Education from the University of Delaware, an Administration Certificate from Wilmington College, a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Delaware State University, and a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education.

Caesar Rodney School Board President Jessica Marelli stated, “We are confident that Dr. Miklus' vast experience and dedication will lead the Caesar Rodney School District to even greater heights of educational achievement and student success. Please join us in welcoming Dr. Corey Miklus as our new Superintendent. We look forward to a bright and successful future under his leadership.”