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District News - December 1, 2021

Simpson Elementary Taekwondo White Belt Ceremony

Last week WB Simpson Elementary students were recognized for their success in the Mindful Movements Program.  Master Yoon of Yoon’s Taekwondo, presented the students with their White Belts for completing their training curriculum.

 The Mindful Movements Program was started at WBS to give students who need it, a mid-day break while working on improving focus, respect, and self-control.  Three days a week they practice Taekwondo with Master Yoon and twice a week they practice focused strength, flexibility, and mindful movements.  These types of movements increase concentration and attentiveness.

 Each day at the end of their practice time, students are encouraged to open their journal and write down 1-3 things they are grateful for.  Studies have shown that gratitude enhances empathy and reduces aggression, improves self-esteem, and increases mental strength.   

PHOTO: Left to Right: (Back Row) Bradyn Davis, Principal Ashley Holmes, James Kranz; (Front Row) Tyshaun, Ryan Wooleyhand, Master Yoon, Jayden Nguyen, Hunter Rhinehardt


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