BRINC is a consortium of Delaware school districts working to transform the way students learn and teachers teach using 21st century tools and approaches. 

    The Consortium came together to develop a plan to support students to ensure they are ready for college and/or a career. The vision is for students to learn in different styles and paces to meet their needs, including large-group instruction, small-group instruction, project-based collaboration, virtual learning, online coursework, or independent learning.

    BRINC Mission:

    The BRINC Consortium promotes rigorous, authentic teaching and learning experiences that foster personalizing the time, place, path, and pace of education to prepare students to flourish in a global society.  

    BRINC Vision:
    • BRINC Classrooms promote student ownership of learning through collaboration, critical thinking, communication, creativity and digital literacy.  
    • Students will chart their own course for learning in ways best suited to their needs, styles, and abilities while contributing to the learning of others.

    BRINC Believes:
    • Collaboration drives success for districts, teachers, and students.
    • Blended instructional methods can effectively and efficiently personalize learning.
    • The integration of technology is critical to anywhere, anytime learning.
    • Student learning experiences need to be meaningful and authentic for today’s students.

    Delaware’s BRINC Districts Collaborate to Personalize Learning for All Students