• G-Suite


    What is G-Suite

    G-Suite is a collection of free online applications. These applications do not reside on the computer, itself, but rather they are accessed through a web browser.  This is considered working in the "cloud".  The benefit of this structure allows flexibility in accessing documents and projects from ANY computer, or mobile device with Internet access. Staff and students can access their school documents from the lab, the classroom, a Smartphone, the public library and even from home!

    G-Suite for Education is a special setup of the popular Google Apps, tailored specifically for educational institutions. For example, accounts are managed by the school district (and not by Google) and advertisements are all turned off.   All documents that are stored the district Google Cloud are the property of the Caesar Rodney School District.

    Does G-Suite include Gmail?  No.  Caesar Rodney School District does not provide email accounts to students.

    Why did the district choose G-Suite?

    G-Suite is free for unlimited accounts.

    Google Docs is an excellent suite of powerful programs.

    Google Docs is constantly adding new features.

    Google Docs removes compatibility issues.

    Google Docs allows for anytime, anywhere access.

    Google Docs allows for collaboration and sharing.

    Microsoft Office can still be used in conjunction with Google Docs.

    Many people, schools, and businesses already use Google Docs.

    The Google Drive works harmoniously with Schoology, our learning management system.


    Where does G-Suite data reside?  Who has access to it?

    The district has entered into a privacy agreement by hosting its email and collaboration applications with Google. The Caesar Rodney School District does not host any of the Google Applications internally.  Google provides all of the hardware and storage.  Through the agreed Privacy Policy, Google will not ever access district data unless expressly asked to do so for data backup, data recovery or storage troubleshooting.

    The school offices and the child's teacher have access to the students’  passwords, which is a combination of the student’s name and ID.  It is up to the students to keep this password safe and report any misuse of their password.

    Will my child's G-Suite account be suspended when school is not in session?

    Accounts will remain active as long as the student is enrolled.  It will be deleted 30 days after they leave the school (either through moving or graduation).

    What governmental laws and policies is the Caesar Rodney School District required to follow?

    Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

    The school is required by CIPA to have technology measures and policies in place that protect students from harmful materials including those that are obscene and pornographic. This means that student internet access is filtered. Websites containing harmful content from inappropriate sites will be blocked.

    CIPA - http://fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cipa.html

    Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

    COPPA applies to commercial companies and limits their ability to collect personal information from children under 13. By default, Google advertising is turned off for Apps for Education users. No personal student information is collected for commercial purposes.

    COPPA - http://www.ftc.gov/privacy/coppafaqs.shtm