• Happy Summer -- See you on September 3rd, Tuesday!!

    Think about it, “You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.”

    -Michael Jordan-


    Enjoy your summer!

    Summer for students have begun!

  • FMS Sports In order to participate, 2023-2024 DIAA physicals must be turned in to the nurse or office or coach by the first day of tryouts. You can get blank copies in the main office and in the nurse's office.

    Come and learn more about football! Duron Harmon Football Camp  is coming to CR High School  on June 29th, from 9:00-1:00.  Registration information coming soon for Boys and Girls age 6-14.


    Attention Parents of Young Men of Promise -- On June 26th we will be going fishing down by Wyoming Pond. Drop off starts at noon and pick up at 4 pm sharp.  We will provide lunch and would like you to provide drinks and snacks for your child. Please send text to 302-382-0279 with name so we can have a head count for lunch by June 24th.

    There will be a cost for CHROMEBOOKS and LIBRARY BOOKS not turned into the FIFER OFFICE!!

    Secure your lockers so that materials and coats will not be lost.  Only water will be accepted in the hallways and classrooms. No food or candy except during lunch time.
    Students coming off the bus --- please take care of your responsibilities:–take absent/sick notes to the main office–take physical sports forms to the nurses' office–take lunch money to the cafeteria–eat breakfast before going to your locker or first periodcharge your chrome books at night, so you are ready for daily school work.Be PROACTIVE for your day and set yourself up for SUCCESS!!


    School Hours: Doors open at 7:15 am. Students have 15 minutes to go to their lockers, eat breakfast, and arrive at their first period. First period begins at 7:30am. Dismissal is at 2:30 pm. Students should not be left on school grounds prior to 7:10 am or after 2:45 pm unless previous arrangements have been made.

    School Security: Once classes begin at 7:30 am, only the front entrance to the school is left unlocked. Visitors and students must come into the front office to sign in.

    Picking up and Dropping Off Students: Between the hours of 7:15-7:30 am, and at 2:30 pm dismissal. We ask that parents pick up and drop off their students at the rear entrance of the school (Center Street). NEW POLICY: FOR ALL STUDENTS SAFETY, DROP OFF AND PICK UP IS ONE WAY ONLY. YOU MUST ENTER THE DROP OFF LINE IN THE WEST CENTER STREET ENTRANCE ONLY. WHEN EXITING, IT IS RIGHT TURN ONLY DURING DROP OFF AND PICK UP HOURS.

    Any time you sign your student in late or sign your student out early, please come into the front entrance and see the attendance officer in the main office.

    Every student will have his/her own locker. Most, but not all, lockers will be near the students’ academic classes. Some lockers will be located in the essential arts wing or in the Guidance hall.

    Please use the web banner on front page of website. This website or QR Code or Phone Number will direct family’s right to our website if they prefer to order pictures online. Please visit us on Facebook at Fred Fifer III Middle School or fmsriders and on Instagram at fifermsriders. See what other items are listed here that are happening.     

    ALL Students: You must turn in your absent and sick notes when you return to school to AVOID lunch detention. It needs to be turned in immediately first thing in the morning as you enter the building. Stop by the office and see Mrs. Henry to turn in or if you have any questions on this issue. You can also email these notes to FMSattendance@cr.k12.de.us

    Home Access: Want to be up-to-date on attendance, missing work, testing results, grades and teacher comments.
    1) Go to https://hac.doe.k12.de.us/HomeAccess/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fhomeaccess
    2) Make sure the school district is set to Caesar Rodney
    3) Your login is the 1st three letters of first name, first three letters of last name, last three numbers of student id (no spaces or capitals);
    3) Password is 1st letter of first name capitalized, 1st letter of last name lower case, student id (with leading zeros if needed to bring number to 7 digits), followed by dollar sign (no spaces).
    Example: Login: caerod567 Password: Cr0123456$. If you are a guardian or parent and do not have your own login and password,
    please stop by the main office and they can set you up with entry to this information