• RISE to be the best Rider; to be the best YOU!

    Fifer Daily Bulletin for SUMMER, 2021

    This week’s Character-Building Word: RELAX

    This week’s Quote: "Chill out this summer and think of the three R's:  Rest, Relax, and Refresh!!



    Good Day Fifer Families

    Thank you all!!
    This certainly was a different school year.  At times it was super hard (and every one had a different hard).  But together we did persevere and we did it! 
    Good-bye school year 2020-2021!

    For our Rising 9th graders… you will be missed!  We believe in each and every one of you.  We look forward to running into you in the future to find out all the great things you have accomplished!  Until!

     --Report Cards went live on Friday, June 11th at 3:00 pm via Home Access Center.  Our office has notified any families who need remedial summer school. 

    --Please watch the two videos involving students from FMS, PMS and ABM music departments!  Thank you Ms. Kirk for helping to put this together!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZB1W-UBLtQ  &  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVAOU3AG4hs

    --The Caesar Rodney School District is providing optional asynchronous activities for students in grades Kindergarten through 8.  The provided activities review grade level standards.  Students should access the activities based off of the grade they just completed.  For example, a student who just completed grade four in June of 2021 should access materials labeled for grade four.  Please click on the link below for more details!


    --Food Service Meal pick-up location UPDATE! 

    Effective Monday, June 21st, three locations will be dropped: Star Hill, Nellie Stokes, and WB Simpson.  Attached is an updated summer feeding schedule reflecting these changes. Summer feeding will be a continuation of the multi-meal box pick-up on Mondays and Thursdays ending on August 6th.  These boxes will continue to be free for all children 18 and younger. Children do not need to be present for parents/guardians to pick up a box.

    --IF INTERSTED IN SPORTS TEAMS AT FIFER:  Join the Schoology course Meeting ID: 878 6554 9885

     --Attendance is important for learning!  Email ylester.henry@cr.k12.de.us  should your student need to miss a day or a period or two with the reason for the absence.

    --OUR FMS RTI Video of the Month is  We Are All Different - and THAT'S AWESOME!
    Go to the link at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQuM5e0QGLg


    RISE to be the best Rider; to be the best YOU! 

    #bringit   #bringthebestyou

    --Please visit us on Instagram, fmsriders. See what good things are happening at Fifer Middle School.

    --Please visit us on Facebook at Fred Fifer III Middle School PTO. See what other items are listed here that are happening.

    "RISE... to be the best Rider; to be the best YOU!"

    All students planning to play sports need to be advised that they are REQUIRED to have current physical as of April 1, 2020 to be eligible for all Fifer Athletic Programs. Click here for valid forms: http://www.doe.k12.de.us/infosuites/students_family/diaa/forms.shtml

    --Outdoor sporting events, especially those on Marker’s Field, we ask spectators to park in the back parking lot of Fifer Middle School versus along the road by the field. We have a lot of spectators walking across the street and visibility is an issue. We need to keep our students and community safe.

    --For all SPORTS GAME SCHEDULES - please go to the website: fifermiddlesports.com (CLICK HERE) and look at the current up-to-date schedule!! :) 


    --Attention ALL STUDENTS: Here are a few reminders of the Fifer Middle School dress code. Tops cannot be halter tops or shirts that show your skin, such as the belly area or low chest area.  All bottoms (skirts & shorts) must be longer than your fingertips. The holes in jeans that are above your fingertips, must be covered. Gentlemen remember no headbands.  Remember rules after watching Dress Code video in your content classes. This week is your opportunity to ensure you are following the dress code. Students who do not follow the dress code will be sent to the office.  Remember do not leave home wearing anything that is not within the dress code.

    Home Access: Want to be up-to-date on attendance, missing work, testing results, grades and teacher comments.
    1) Go to https://hac.doe.k12.de.us/HomeAccess/Account/LogOn?ReturnUrl=%2fhomeaccess 
    2) Switch to Caesar Rodney
    3) Login is 1st three letters of first name, first three letters of last name, last three numbers of student id (no spaces or capitals);  NO ending @cr.k12.de.us
    4) Password is 1st letter of first name capitalized, 1st letter of last name lower case, student id (with leading zeros if needed to bring number to 7 digits), followed by dollar sign (no spaces).
    Login: caerod567
    Password: Cr0123456$.  
    If you are a guardian or parent and do not have your own login and password, please stop by the main office and they can set you up with entry to this information.

     The cafeteria is accepting money for your students’ lunch accounts. If you have any money (cash or check), report to the cafeteria as soon as you enter the building in the morning. If paying with check, please write the child’s full name, team, and grade level on the check. PLEASE do not wait until lunch time. If you are paying online, please go to http://www.PayPAMS.com. Stay informed about your student’s lunch account at your own convenience.
    ALL Students: You must turn in your absent and sick notes when you return to the school to AVOID lunch detention. It needs to be turned in immediately first thing in the morning as you enter the building. Stop by the office and see Mrs. Henry to turn in or if you have any questions on this issue.
    FIFER SCHOOL STORE has all the school necessities. Open during lunch time in the cafeteria on TUESDAY'sYou can see a list of everything available on the Fifer Website under Programs. If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Hartman in Room 127



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