CONGRATULATIONS to Fred Fifer's 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year:  


    Ophelia Craig -- 7th Grade Science Teacher


    Ken Begor 2020-2021 7th Grade Science Teacher 

    Allison Gerni 2019-2020 6th Grade Social Studies

    Kristen Thompson 2018-2019 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Math

    Alexander March  2017-2018  7th Grade Science

    Dwayne Lavender  2016-2017  6th - 8th Grade Physical Education

    Chip Wilt  2015-2016  6th Grade Science

    Kelly Parker 2014-2015 7th Grade Math

    Joy Poulin Eanes 2013-2014 8th Grade Social Studies

    Kelly Wutka 2012-2013 6th Grade Math

    Angela Anderson 2011-2012 7th Grade Math

    Karen Wallace 2010-2011 7th Grade Science 

    Vesteria Mears-Wilson 2009-2010 6th Grade English  

    Julie Price 2008-2009 6th Grade English 

    Tana Trythall 2007-2008 Math Support 

    John Muller 2006-2007 8th Grade English 

    Jean Tilley 2005-2006 Alternative Classroom 

    Mike Smith 2004-2005 Performing Arts 

    Mike Kijowski 2003-2004 6th Grade Mathematics 

    Janet Foltz 2002-2003 6th Grade Social Studies 

    Mary Moore 2001-2002 7th Grade Social Studies 

    Amy Overturf 2000-2001 Level IV Special Education