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    Postlethwait’s Tips for Your Students Organization


    Developing and maintaining organizational skills are essential for success in school and life. Here are few suggestions to help your student along the journey.

    Use a Checklist


    Organize Home work Assignments Encourage your child to number assignments in order that they are to be done. It is recommended that children begin with the assignment that isn’t too difficult or long, saving the one that will require the most time for last.

    Designate a Study Space Studying in the same space every night where supplies and materials are readily available will reinforce the importance of routine. The study space tool is one that parents should take an active role in, therefore allowing you to creatively monitor your student’s progress, time-management, and work habits.

    Designate Study Time It is important to reserve a specific time for studying and doing homework. The best time is usually not right after school, as time to unwind first is critical for children (and adults as well). Even if your child does not have homework, maintain the reserved study time to review what he/she has learned that day or preparing for upcoming projects.

    Keep Notebooks Organized
    Over the years we have seen our share of walking notebook disasters. Keep a separate notebook (3-ringed binder) for each class (color-code the notebooks so as to not make the mistake of taking the wrong one to class). Provide your student with dividers for classwork, homework, test&/or quizzes, and class notes. To maintain organization, pick one day a week for notebook clean-up.

    Keep a Master Schedule To help you student keep track of tests, large assignments, and projects that are due, use a calendar to chart the events. A district calendar is provided to every student (this also list all of the events taking place throughout the district).

    Plan For the Day Ahead Cut down on morning confusion, by preparing the night before. Place book bag, gym bag, lunch and any other necessary equipment in a place that is visible. Lay out clothes before going to bed.

    Locker Organization Much like the bedroom’s at home, your student’s locker can become very disorganized. It is suggested, for the student that always has trouble finding things, a locker caddy will assist in maximizing the space. Also make a list for AM/PM classes of notebook and materials that will be needed and tape to the locker door.

    “I don’t know if my child has homework!”

    The Guiding Lights

    It is our hope that your student has transitioned well to their new educational atmosphere. We are now in our second marking period and should be able to identify room for improvement, as well as your student’s strengths and weaknesses. As your student’s counselors, we encourage you to stay involved. The Guidance Department has an open door policy, we are available to answer questions and advocate what is best to meet our student’s needs to help them be successful!


    Please feel free to contact the Guidance Department at 698-8413.