Please click on this for information about the DIAA DELAYS 2020-21 SPORT SEASONS 

    Per the Fourth Revision to the 27th Modification of the State of Emergency Declaration, any individual who participates in an out of state tournament or competition must immediately self-quarantine in accordance with DPH guidance from the time of entry into Delaware. 

    To confirm, if an individual participating on a school team or non-school team those individuals who participated in a tournament or event with more than two teams must self-quarantine.  If a school team competes against an out of state team for a single competition and returns the same day, self-quarantine would not need to occur; however, if a school team competes against a team and stays overnight out of state that team would need to self-quarantine upon return to Delaware in accordance with DPH guidance.  Please refer to the FAQ document from DPH for guidance on quarantine time. 

    We ask athletic directors to contact coaches to share this information with their student athletes so they are aware of the self-quarantine requirement.  Student athletes should be made aware their decisions and failure to communicate out of state travel even when participating on a non-school team could impact their school team’s activity when self-quarantine requirements are not followed. 

    Fifer is proud to offer these sports to give our students the opportunities to add to their academic program. Our coaching staff is filled with a great combination of veteran and young coaches who recognize the achievements of each of our team members. Each coach and program operates uniquely but always within the over-all philosophy of providing a positive environment focusing on the values of competition and sportsmanship.








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     Boys Soccer


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     Girls Softball

    All students planning to play sports need to be advised that they are REQUIRED to have current physicals as of April 1, 2020 to be eligible for all Fifer Athletic Programs. Click here for valid forms:2020-2021 School Year Physical Form
    For additional information please feel free to contact:
    Theresa (Tess) Charney
    Athletic Director
    698-8409 (fax)