• Dress code:  All FMS students are expected to dress neatly in clothes which are appropriate for school activities and not distracting to the educational process. Shoes must be worn at all times. Hats, sweatbands,bandannas and head coverings must be removed upon entering the building unless the item is being worn for religious or medical reasons. Coats and outerwear of any type are not permitted to be worn inside the building.

    Shorts, dresses, or skirts should be no shorter than two inches above the top of the kneecap. During the middle school years,parents should be particularly careful to take students’ growth into consideration. Pants, jeans, shorts, skirts shorts, and/ or sweatpants shall be worn at the waist level. No clothing that is to be worn as an undergarment shall be visible while wearing pants, jeans, shorts, shirts, shorts or sweatpants. Stretch lycra, spandex or nylon tights, leggings, yoga pants, leotards,biker pants or underwear worn as outer garments are unacceptable. Sheer see-through fabrics are not permitted.

    NO rips or holes are permitted in jeans, shorts, shirts or skirts. Warm-weather clothes purchased for going back to school in the fall may turn out to be too short or too small to wear to school when the weather turns warm again the following spring.

    Dress code  violations:  Students should dress in a reasonable fashion avoiding articles of clothing (or absence of clothing) which would draw attention to the person or disrupt the educational process. Students who indulge in extremes of dress may expect to be counseled, asked to change or be sent home, and receive disciplinary action. Teachers may direct students to call home to request that a change of clothing be brought to school. Repeat offenders will receive disciplinary action.

    Students are not permitted to wear, and will be asked to remove or change the following:

    • Extreme dress or appearance which disrupts the school environment (including pajamas and/or bedroom shoes).

    •Mini-skirts, mini-dresses, sheer capris or short shorts (See length requirements in the Dress Code section, above. If a skirt or dress has a slit,this requirement will apply to the TOP of the slit).

    • Spaghetti straps, tube tops, tank tops, mesh tops, sleeveless shirts, shirts worn off the shoulder that expose bra straps, muscle shirts, half shirts or any tops that allow bare midriffs .

    •Shirts/Blouses/Dresses must have appropriate necklines that do not expose cleavage (necklines must be aligned with armpit to armpit), low back line,midriffs, or undergarments.

    • No bareskin is to be exposed at the waist, chest or abdomen. (Note: All shoulder straps must be a minimum of two inches in width.)

    • Any clothing that is see-through, unless worn over an otherwise acceptable garment.

    • Any article of underwear worn as outerwear (i.e., boxer shorts, undershirts).

    • Clothing and/or jewelry which contain or suggest profanity or obscenities or which encourage illegal, lewd, or vulgar actions.

    • Clothing displaying unacceptable wording, graphics, or advertisements promoting activities which are illegal for minors, such as smoking, gambling, consumption of alcohol or drugs or use of weapons.

    • Any type of clothing considered gang related (see secret societies/gang activity, later in this section).

    • Hats or other head coverings (in the building) unless worn for medical or religious reasons.

    • Coats, jackets or any outdoor apparel in the building.

    • ATHLETIC or running shorts, yoga pants or skin-tight pants.

    • Jeans or other pants worn too low on the hip, below the buttocks or showing the student's underwear.

    • Flannel pajama pants.

    • Sunglasses worn on the head or the back of the head.

    • Pants with words across the buttocks; pants or any clothing with tears, holes, rips or frays.

    • Chains attached to belts and/or pants.

    ***Finally, students who violate provisions of the dress code will not be allowed to attend class and will be given the opportunity to have a parent and/or guardian bring the appropriate clothing to school or to pick up the student. School administration may provide proper attire in the event the parent and/or guardian is unable to be contacted. Continued violations of the dress code violation will subject the student to disciplinary action.