• Club Name                                                               Teacher                             Email                  Address                                              

     Room                Number 

    Student Council  Logan Rios Logan.Rios@cr.k12.de.us 223
    Yearbook Timothy Warren timothy.warren@cr.k12.de.us 111
    Newspaper Club Trish Cluff trish.cluff@cr.k12.de.us 110
    FCCLA  Calan Sullivan calan.sullivan@cr.k12.de.us


    Business Professionals of America (BPA)  Mary Zober Mary.Zober@cr.k12.de.us 100
    Technology Student Association (TSA)  Laura Barnas Laura.Barnas@cr.k12.de.us 128
    FFA Tracey Sell tracey.sell@cr.k12.de.us 130
     7th & 8th gr. All State Band  Jonathan Mracko  Jonathan.Mracko@cr.k12.de.us 153
     7th & 8th gr. All State Men's Choir  Jonathan Mracko    
     7th & 8th gr. All State Women's Choir  Jonathan Mracko    
     Men's Choir  Jonathan Mracko    
     Women's Choir   Jonathan Mracko    
    National Honor Society  Trish Cluff Trish.Cluff@cr.k12.de.us  
    Odyssey of the Mind Timothy Warren timothy.warren@cr.k12.de.us 111
    Math League Logan Rios logan.rios@cr.k12.de.us 223
    Art Club Rebecca Grier rebecca.grier@cr.k12.de.us 131