Book Color
Book Title
Audio Recordings English Translation
Blue1 I Love MyFamily
I love My Family.mp3 ILove MyFamily.pdf
Blue2 Who Is This? WhoIs This.mp3 WhoIs This.pdf
Blue3 What Is YourName? WhatIs Your Name.mp3 WhatIsYour Name.pdf
Blue4 How Old AreYou? HowOld Are You.mp3 HowOld Are You.pdf
Blue5 The BalloonsFlew Away TheBalloons Flew Away.mp3 TheBalloons Flew Away.pdf
Blue6 What Is InThe School Bag? WhatIs In The School Bag.mp3 WhatIs In The School Bag.pdf
Blue7 What Is YourNationality? WhatIs Your Nationality.mp3 WhatIs Your Nationality.pdf
Blue8 I Am Hungry IAm Hungry.mp3 IAm Hungry.pdf
Blue9 Buying Stuff BuyingStuff.mp3 BuyingStuff.pdf
Yellow10 At School AtSchool.mp3 AtSchool.pdf
Yellow11 PuttingClothes On PuttingClothes On.mp3 PuttingClothes On.pdf
Yellow12 What Is That? WhatIs That.mp3 WhatIs That.pdf
Yellow13 What Is InThere? WhatIs In There.mp3 WhatIs In There.pdf
Yellow14 Sports Meet SportsMeet.mp3 SportsMeet.pdf
Yellow15 What Time IsIt, Old Wolf? WhatTime Is It, Old Wolf.mp3 WhatTime Is It, Old Wolf.pdf
Yellow16 When Will TheRed Flower Bloom?  WhenWill The Red Flower Bloom.mp3 WhenWill The Red Flower Bloom.pdf
Yellow17 My Family
MyFamily.mp3 MyFamily.pdf
Yellow18 My Home MyHome.mp3 MyHome.pdf
Pink19 Animals' Homes Animals'Homes.mp3 Animals'Homes.pdf
Pink20 Where Do YouLive? WhereDo You Live.mp3 WhereDo You Live.pdf
Pink21 Where Are YouFrom? WhereAre You From.mp3 WhereAre You From.pdf
Pink22 Drawing Drawing.mp3 Drawing.pdf
Pink23 Is This Yours? IsThis Yours.mp3 IsThis Yours.pdf
Pink24 Where Is TheBanana? WhereIs The Banana.mp3 WhereIs The Banana.pdf
Pink25 What Are YouDoing? WhatAre You Doing.mp3 WhatAre You Doing.pdf
Pink26 I Can Crawl ICan Crawl.mp3 ICan Crawl.pdf
Pink27 Mirror Mirror.mp3 Mirror.pdf
Green28 Whose MittensAre These? WhoseMittensAre These.mp3 WhoseMittensAre These.pdf
Green29 I Go To School IGo To School.mp3 IGo To School.pdf
Green30 I Want Friends IWant Friends.mp3 IWant Friends.pdf
Green31 School Is Fun SchoolIs Fun.mp3 SchoolIs Fun.pdf
Green32 What Does TheMonkey Do? WhatDoes TheMonkey Do.mp3 WhatDoes TheMonkey Do.pdf
Green33 Big and Small Bigand Small.mp3 Bigand Small.pdf
Green34 Is It Raining? IsIt Raining.mp3 IsIt Raining.pdf
Green35 Where Is TheKitten? WhereIs TheKitten.mp3 WhereIs TheKitten.pdf
Green36 Going To TheSupermarket GoingTo TheSupermarket.mp3 GoingTo TheSupermarket.pdf
Red1 Greeting Greeting.mp3 Greeting.pdf
Red2 What Shape IsThis? WhatShape IsThis.mp3 WhatShape IsThis.pdf
Red3 What Do YouWant To Be? WhatDo YouWant To Be.mp3 WhatDo YouWant To Be.pdf
Red4 Where Are YouGoing? WhereAre YouGoing.mp3 WhereAre YouGoing.pdf
Red5 Four Seasons FourSeasons.mp3 FourSeasons.pdf
Red6 It's SoDelicious! It'sSoDelicious.mp3 It'sSoDelicious.pdf
Red7 Animals Animals.mp3 Animals.pdf
Red8 The InsectFlew Away TheInsectFlew Away.mp3 TheInsectFlew Away.pdf
Red9 What's In theOcean? What'sIn theOcean.mp3 What'sIn theOcean.pdf
Red10 Let's PlayBall Together Let'sPlayBall Together.mp3 Let'sPlayBall Together.pdf
Red11 I Like MakingFriends ILike MakingFriends.mp3 ILike MakingFriends.pdf
Red12 I Am Great! IAm Great.mp3 IAm Great.pdf
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