• We love having parents visit and volunteer at our school!  

    Please reach out if you are unsure about whether you are a visitor or a volunteer.


    • Bring your license, we will scan it through our Raptor system and give you a tag to wear while in the building.


    • Fill out the following application:  Volunteer Application Portal Check-in with the office each time you volunteer to confirm volunteer status and receive a volunteer badge to wear for the duration of your stay.


    Please read to see what steps are necessary for you to visit or volunteer at our school during school hours.


    • Will be in sight and sound of a teacher or admin at all times.

    • Examples of Events for Visitors

      • PTO Events

      • Learning Celebrations

      • Conference with teacher


    • Working with students in the building.

    • May be in charge of a group of students without teacher supervision.

    • Must fill out Volunteer Application Portal

    • Examples of events for Volunteers

      • Field Trip Volunteers

      • Club Co-Leaders

      • Reading Rangers