• Welcome to Allen Frear Elementary School where our motto is “One Team, One Goal, No Limits!”

    We are back in the swing of things and the energy at Frear is high. This is going to be an outstanding year and once again, we will work closely with our families, the staff, and the community to ensure success for Allen Frear Families! We are already planning on expanding our Frear’s Frequent Flyer program. Parents are an integral part of our school community and it is our belief that it takes a “team” to educate the whole child.

    We are always looking for new ways for the community and our Frear Families to volunteer to work in our school. See Mrs. Gravatt to fill out a volunteer packet. Together, we can make a difference in tomorrow’s

    We look forward to
    a successful year. Please call us at any time at 697-3279.