• Caesar Rodney School District Strategic Planning

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    Caesar Rodney School District has partnered with Insight Education Group to develop a strategic plan that will guide the District's priorities over the next three to five years. As we embark on this important work, we are seeking stakeholder feedback in the form of a survey.

    The survey will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes. All responses will be kept anonymous and confidential. We encourage all members of the CRSD community to complete the survey.

    Strategic Planning Steering Committee

    Caesar Rodney School District is convening a cross-section of stakeholders to advise on the development of their next Strategic Plan. This steering committee will serve a critical role in drafting the strategic plan and serving as ambassadors for the process to ensure transparency across the district. 

    The steering committee will collaborate with the district leadership team to craft the district’s strategic plan. “Self-renewing organizations recognize that the problems facing them are too difficult for any one group to solve. They know they must draw in their stakeholders and collaborate with others who share their values. With collaboration comes new opportunities for learning” (Carter and Cunningham, p.188). Steering committee members will serve as valuable thought partners during the strategic planning process by providing ideas for the development of aspects of the strategic plan and feedback on drafts. 

    Ideally, steering committee members will share the work with and solicit feedback from their larger group of constituents, resulting in a more robust and inclusive process. In addition to the steering committee, there will be multiple sources of stakeholder engagement and feedback. The steering committee will be responsible for analyzing feedback and providing suggestions for revisions based on trends in feedback data. Caesar Rodney’s steering committee is composed of 44 members representing students, families, educators, and the community at large.

    Meeting 1:
    Sample Plan Review

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  • Meeting 2:

    Focus: Portrait, Values, Vision, Mission 

  • Meeting 3:
    Focus: Data, Priorities, and Goals 1

  • Meeting 4:

    Focus: Data, Priorities, and Goals 2

  • Meeting 5:
    Focus: Goals and KPI's

  • Meeting 6:

    Focus: Final Review

  • Board Review:
    Focus: Approval