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        Information on COVID-19 Notification & Testing in Caesar Rodney School District

        The Caesar Rodney School District realizes there are questions in the community about how testing and notification are processed for COVID-19 infections within our school system. We hope this explanation helps to clarify any questions you may have.

        COVID-19 notifications for Delaware school districts occurs in accordance with the Division of Public Health (DPH) guidelines. Every district has been assigned a DPH epidemiology liaison who coordinates this information exchange. Identical steps are followed across the state, so every school district has the same information.

        Community notification is based on the contact tracing data for each specific case. DPH directs each district on what is required for communication (if it’s required at all based on circumstances). Additionally, notification is based on where & when the person was prior to the manifestation of symptoms, the individual's direct contact with school personnel, and the case's relation to safety criteria (i.e. masks worn, social distancing, time duration, etc.). It is recommended that teachers/district staff get tested at a minimum of once per month using home test kits made available by the state. They also can use state testing sites more often as needed.