• Positive Behavior Support

    John S. Charlton School


    The goal of the John S. Charlton Program Positive Behavior SupportInitiative is to have every teacher in the program knowledgeable about andengaged in the use of Positive Behavior Supports as a means to enhance thelearning of all students.

    SocialSkills Focus of the month for February: incorporating Valentine’s Day into ourcurrent theme “Calm and Caring in the Classroom”

    ·         Week 1:calm hands

    ·         Week 2:calm feet

    ·         Week 3:calm voice

    ·         Week 4:calm body

    Ø      SocialSkills Focus for March

    o   Continue to reviewcalm hands, feet, body

    o   Work on generalizing skillsto other settings or classrooms (e.g., at college level, students are applyingexpectations to work & community settings)

    o   Also work on "NiceWaiting" within the previous expectations

    §  E.g.,Week 1 – Nice waiting (focus on calm hands) Week 2 – Nice Waiting (focus oncalm voice)

    About PBS

    Principlesof PBS:

    ·        Supportthe big picture of an overall positive school climate

    ·        Redirectreactive methods of inappropriate behavior to more preventative efforts

    ·        Understandthat students’ behaviors serve a purpose and we need to teach childrenappropriate ways to meet their needs

    ·        Investtime in research proven techniques

    ·        Makedata-based decisions

    ·        Attend toindividual and cultural differences

    Successfuluse of PBS has shown that it may:

    ·        Reducethe total number of office referrals and more intrusive means of dealing withmisbehavior

    ·        Createeducational opportunities for all students

    ·        Improveschool climate for everyone

    ·        Help allstudents learn socially appropriate behaviors

    ·        Assistteams to develop individualized behavior supports for students with moreintensive needs

    (Based oninformation from the Positive Behavior Support Project, Center for DisabilityStudies, University of Delaware and Delaware Department of Education website.Found at: http://www.udel.edu/cdc/pbs). Information taken from Charlton’s Behavior Manual.

    CharltonBehavior Expectations

    Big 3Charlton Expectations

    1.     Be Safe!

    2.     Be There!

    3.     Be YourBest!

    The Big 3behavioral expectations are actively taught, modeled, and reinforced throughoutthe school and community. Getting everyone on the same page about what isexpected improves the efficiency of the school and increases academic andbehavioral success for all students. 

    Eachmonth students from each wing will be recognized as Big 3 students of the monthat school-wide celebrations focusing our theme: Be Safe, Be There, and Be YourBest. Those identified as positive representatives from each wing will bedisplayed in the lobby on the Charlton PBS Superstars Banner.


    Eachmonth, the students at our on-site location participate in a school-widecelebration.  Examples of celebrations we have had in the past includeperformers, musicians, student parades, and school-wide activities.  ThePBS committee plans celebrations to reward students for their positive behaviorthroughout the month.  We also announce our “Big 3” students for the monthas well as our staff of the month.

    PBS InAction

    PBS workson many levels!  Here some of many examples of PBS in action at Charlton:

    ·        For theindividual student…

    o       positivebehavior support plans

    o       studentbehavior reward systems

    o       positivepraise

    ·        In theclassroom…

    o       classroomtoken economy systems

    o       teachingclear behavior expectations

    o       classcelebrations

    ·        For thewhole school…

    o       monthlycelebrations

    o       school-widepositive behavior expectations

    o       familyfun nights

    ·        For thestaff…

    o       staff ofthe month

    o       A+ cardsto recognize outstanding staff actions

    o       weeklyraffles


    Questions? Comments?  We would love to hear from you!  Please call us at302-697-3103.