Cliff Headshot
  • Cliffvon Howell, MS - Coordinator of Equity & Diversity

  • Welcome everyone! As the District’s Equity and Diversity Coordinator my primary goal is to ensure that the students that we serve receive an education in an environment that is equitable and provides each student with the opportunity to thrive. Our students and their families will be at the center of our approach, and we will be engaging all stakeholders as we pursue an approach to the education of our students that will make Caesar Rodney School District a leader in our state and beyond.

    In the coming days and months our staff will be working on ways to close opportunity gaps by using data to inform decision making processes and the implementation of restorative practices where applicable. It is a great time to be a Rider as we set a course to take Rider Pride to new heights. We will accomplish this task by understanding that every student in our district is unique, thus requiring a unique approach to serving their needs. We aim to do this in an environment where students can see their image in our staff and our staff are mindful of the importance of making every student feel our schools are a comfortable space to learn.

     Please be sure to check this page periodically for resources and updates! Additionally if you are a student or parent in the district and you have ideas or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail: or phone (302) 698-4800.