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    About the Kent County Elementary Intensive Learning Center (KEILC)

    About Kent Intensive Learning Center (ILC)

    • How is a student admitted to the ILC?
      • A student has been receiving special education services which include behavior supports, a Behavior Intervention Plan, and the student’s behavior has exceeded the continuum of services available in the school or district.
      • At times, it may be necessary to transition a student from a hospital, day treatment, or residential facility to the ILC program in order to support continued behavior needs.  
      • A student is transferring from a similar ILC setting from another state or county
      • As a result of Manifestation Determination


    • What steps need to be completed for the referral and placement?
      • A “sending district” will contact the Kent Elementary ILC administration for instructions on procedures and documentation necessary for placement
      • The ILC administration will review documentation and proceed with next steps accordingly
      • If appropriate, an IEP meeting will be scheduled for revision to existing IEP and to discuss a possible change of placement
      • After all documentation is completed and an agreement is made to place the student in the ILC, a start date will be determined.


    • How does a student mainstream or transition into W.B. Simpson for curricular/non-curricular activities?
      • Teacher will discuss with petition team (administration, teacher, support staff, and parent) when a child is ready to be mainstreamed for curricular or non-curricular activities.  
      • Teacher will complete the transition paperwork and make copies that will be designated for the mainstream teaching partner at W.B. Simpson to help that child meet with success
      • Teacher and petition team will coordinate mainstreaming times and will check in frequently with the mainstreaming teaching partner to ensure successful mainstreaming opportunities are provided.
      • Prior to revoking any mainstreaming privileges, the team (administration, teacher, support staff, and parent) will discuss the behavioral difficulties.


    • When will the student graduate the ILC program and return to the home school?
      • The ILC is a 100-day program, based on the student learning coping skills and replacement behaviors.  Our goal is to integrate the student, as much as possible, into a setting that mirrors the setting the student will return to.  Therefore, once the student is able to demonstrate consistent success, the student will be transitioned out for various curricular/extra-curricular activities.  If the child continues to meet success, the IEP team will convene to develop a transition plan to support the student returning to his/her home school.