• Volunteer Information sheet
    for Parents and Guardians
    --A Volunteer is an adult who is left alone to supervise students. Volunteers may include tutors or chaperones on a school trip.
    --A Visitor is an adult who comes into a classroom or goes on a field trip, but is always in the presence of a teacher or administrator.
    --Volunteers are required by State of Delaware code to have a Criminal Background check.
    --Volunteers who are already on the CR Volunteer list do not need to get a new Criminal Background Check or complete a new packet. 
    --NEW Volunteers should obtain a Volunteer packet from their child's school. The school will submit the completed packet to the Office of Human Resources. Once all clearance and paperwork is received, the volunteer will be added to the CR Volunteer list.
    --To continue as a Volunteer beyond 5 years, a new TB survey must be completed. If there is a lapse in enrollment after 5 years, a new packet and new Background Check are also required.
    --Volunteers currently employed by other State of Delaware agencies may request that their agency send to CR human resources a "true copy" of their Criminal Background check that is signed and dated by their agency official.
    --The School Principal will determine if you need a Volunteer packet or if you are considered a Visitor to the school.
    Thank you for helping our students by serving as a Visitor or Volunteer!!