Friday February 23, 2018 A. M. Announcements


      Students and staff who have taken orders for the EcoTeam T-shirt sale, please complete your orders and bring them to Mr. Klawinski today. All orders will be sent to the high school to be filled on Monday.


      Attention Postlethwait staff and students: FCCLA will continue collecting for the SPCA until the end of this week. If you would still like to donate a pet toy, collar, leash food, treats, old towels or blankets, please see Mrs. Wilson.


      Calling all Postlethwait students! Gold 6 will be hosting this month's dance tonight, from 6-8. Come out to the VERY FIRST EVER of its kind...the NO THEME< DANCE THEME dance where anything goes. Want to dress to impress? Go for it! Have a favorite sports jersey you'd like to wear? It's GAME TIME! The sky is the limit as long as you follow the Postlethwait dress code. Don't let a dance theme tell you what to wear! Be your own person and come out to see your 6th grade teachers! Dodge ball tournaments, hot dogs, cotton candy, photo booth and more...ALL available at this NO Theme Dance Theme! See you then!

      Please keep in mind that you may not attend the dance if you have received any in-school or out of school suspensions since the last dance. Also, please have a ride waiting to pick you up at 8:00. If we must wait for your ride for longer than 15 minutes, more than once, you will not be allowed to attend any more dances.



      Lost & Found: A cell phone was found in the library yesterday. Claim in the main office if it is yours.




      Today’s lunch includes: Garlic cheese flatbreads, fish sticks or roast beef & cheese croissants.