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  • In June of 2021 The Caesar Rodney School District established a Community Based Committee comprised of Parents, Board Members, Teachers & Administrators. The committee worked with The University of Delaware Center for Applied Demography & Survey Research to examine Elementary School Realignment possibilities. The committee’s charge is to ensure that District resources are equitably allocated and utilized across all elementary schools.

    Guiding Principles for Realignment:

    1. Preserve current attendance boundaries as best as possible
    2. Transportation issues (safety of students)
    3. Do our best to not split neighborhoods
    4. Align attendance zone boundaries with natural features (roads, streams)
    5. Be Mindful of artificial boundaries (neighborhoods, municipal boundaries, zip codes)
    6. Ensure that demographics at all elementary schools mirror the District

    The Committee’s work was presented to the CRSD Board of Education at the September 21, 2021 Regular Meeting. The Board considered three proposed realignment plans and selected the Realignment Plan presented here.

    The plan is presented here so that community members may review the plan and provide public comment for the Board to consider. The realignment plan will be an Action Item on the October 19th Board of Education Meeting Agenda.


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