• Diversity and Equity Initiatives

  • The Caesar Rodney Districtwide Equity Team (CRDET) was established during the 2020-2021 School Year. The CRDET worked towards the development of the enclosed Districtwide Equity and Diversity Plan. During the creation of the plan, The CRDET considered the following:
    1. The Caesar Rodney School District’s capacity to achieve equity;
    2. Assessed causes of inequity;
    3. Focused on leadership development;
    4. Focused on staff development;
    5. Focused on the recruitment, retention and hiring of diverse staff;
    6. Ways to enhances teacher preparation;
    7. Ways to provide supplemental programs and activities for student engagement;
    8. Stressed the importance of healthy communication between staff, students, and parents;
    9. Discussed strategies to increase community involvement;
    10. Discussed opportunities for family/community advocacy; and
    11. Discussed strategies to decrease discipline disparities districtwide.

    The attached plan outlines the activities, areas of focus and the recommendations of the CRDET.  Click here to view the Districtwide Equity and Diversity Plan.