• If any family wishes to reach a nurse they are invited to do so.  We are asking that parents use text or email during the work day to request a time that is suitable for them if they desire a telephone conversation.  We are flexible regarding time of day for phone conversations and will accommodate what the family needs, but will be checking email and google phones regularly during the work day hours and hence are more likely to see the requests during the usual workday.

    Charlton Main Site:

    Gwen Clark, RN


    Phone: (302) 283-9811

    Delane Saxton, RN

    Email: delane.saxton@cr.k12.de.us

    Phone: (302) 265-4632


    Charlton Offsite & SEARCH

    Colleen O'Brien, RN

    Email: colleen.obrien@cr.k12.de.us

    Phone: (302) 423-0180


    Charlton- Roads to Success (Wesley)

    Lisa Winter-Peterson, RN

    Email: lisa.winter-peterson@cr.k12.de.us

    Phone: (302) 632-5892


    04/23/2020 Update from Nursing Department

    The CDC has recommended the use of cloth face coverings/cloth face masks to help slow the spread of COVID-19.   Scientists who tested a variety of cloth face masks found that a nylon overlay significantly boosted how well the cloth masks worked.  To make the nylon overlay, cut an 8-10 inch section from the leg of panty hose and wear it over the cloth mask.    For more details see below link:


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