Tuition Reimbursement Programs Overview


    CRSD Tuition Reimbursement

    The State of Delaware Critical Needs Scholarship

    Who is Eligible?


    Courses requested for tuition reimbursement must be either undergraduate or graduate college courses related to the employee’s job assignment or educationally related in a K-12 setting.

    Full time employees of a Delaware public or charter school who teach on a valid Emergency Certificate or a Certificate of Eligibility in a critical need area as defined by the Delaware Department of Education and are taking coursework to enable them to achieve Standard Certification.

    Is Prior District approval required?



    How many courses are reimbursed per semester?

    Multiple courses are eligible and shall be divided into two equal parts:
    Classes completed from June 1-Dec 31
    Classes completed Jan 1-May 31

    Fall Semester-ONE class
    Spring Semester-ONE class
    Summer Semester-Not Eligible

    What fees are covered?

    Tuition only
     (ARTC Seminar Courses are now eligible)

    Tuition AND Registration fee

    How much will I be reimbursed?

    Funds will be pro-rated so that each eligible employee receives a SHARE of the total District’s allocation.

    Reimbursement is made to eligible teachers for up to the cost of one 3 credit course per term (fall and spring) and one registration fee (maximum $30) within program funding limitations.
    For the 2020-2021 academic year the reimbursement amount will be pro-rated to a maximum of $1,300 per eligible course

    How do I Apply?

    CR Tuition Reimbursement forms must be completed PRIOR to taking the course and sent to The Office of Human Resources for Pre-Approval. Forms are available in your school's main office.

    Apply Online

    Instructions after course is completed=>

    Note: Please send in all documents prior to the deadline. Requests received after the deadline will not be paid

    Forward the following documents to
    The Office of Human Resources:

    1. Your copy of the pink prior approval form
    2.  An unofficial transcript or grade sheet (passing grade of "B" or better, S or P)
    3.  Proof of payment for the course (billing statement)
    4.  State of DE Employee Expense Voucher Form (see school secretary), which must contain:
    -Your name, University name and course number
    -Your home address
    -Your employee ID number
    -Your signature

    Forward the following documents to before the application deadline:
    1. Unofficial college transcript showing your name, the course name and the course grade for which reimbursement is being requested.
    2. Itemized tuition statement from your college for the semester showing your name, the name of the course and the tuition and fee for the course for which you are seeking reimbursement.
    3. A copy of your valid Emergency Certificate or Certificate of Eligibility for the critical need area in which you are currently teaching.
    4. THEN Forward a State of DE Employee Expense Voucher Form to Caesar Rodney School District-Office of Human Resources-Include Your name, University name and course number, your home address  and your signature

     Printable copy  Tuition Reimbursement Comparison Chart

    * Note- you cannot be reimbursed more than once for the same course.

    Please remember that as educators who are eligible for Critical Needs (CNS), you need to apply for CNS for your first class in the fall and the first class in the spring. (Summer classes are not eligible for CNS reimbursement.) If you only took one class each semester then you should NOT be completing CR Tuition Reimbursement too. CR Tuition Reimbursement would be for a second class during the semester OR a summer class. CR Tuition reimbursement will only cover a small portion of your tuition. If completing paperwork for both programs please indicate which program the paperwork is for when sending it over to the DO.

    If you are eligible for the Critical Needs Scholarship (CNS) and only took one course during the semester you should apply for CNS only as you will receive a larger reimbursement from that program.