• Caesar Rodney School District employees are covered by the State of Delaware Group Health Insurance Program.

    In addition, employees are eligible to participate in the State’s supplemental benefits programs. Employees are eligible to enroll in these programs on the 1st of the month following ninety (90) consecutive days of employment. Should an employee wish to enroll in the health insurance program prior to the completion of their 90 days; all costs will be paid by the employee. If an employee transfers from another Delaware school district or state agency, insurance benefits will transfer with the employee.

    Health Insurance

    For a summary of the State of Delaware Group Health Insurance Program plans, please see Statewide Benefits.

    Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance

    The District's dental & vision insurance is with AMERITAS. The dental and vision allows dependents under the age of 26 to maintain dental and vision coverage without being a full-time student.  

    Dental Plan is administrated by AMERITAS

    • Vision Plan is administered by AMERITAS (VSP Vision Plan)

    Life Insurance

    Securian Life Insurance is the provider for all State of Delaware employees. All eligible employees will receive their information packet directly from the Securian Life Insurance at their home address. You must take action to enroll in the Securian Life Insurance. Life insurance premiums are paid to Securian by the employee by payroll deduction.  There is no contribution from the State or District. Additional information is available on their website: GUL Insurance Benefits

    Disability Insurance

    The State of Delaware provides at no cost to employees, short term and long term disability insurance. Disability insurance pays a portion of your monthly earnings if you cannot work because of a disabling illness or injury that happens on or off the job. For Customer Service, call 1-866-945-7781

    Employee Assistance Program

    The State of Delaware’s Employee Assistance Program is administered by ComPsych. The ComPsych® GuidanceResources® program is a FREE program available exclusively for State of Delaware Group Health Plan non-Medicare members and their dependents. The program offers someone to talk to and resources to consult whenever and wherever you need them. Members will have a toll-free number at 877-527-4742 directly for 24/7 access to a GuidanceConsultant℠, who will answer your questions and, if needed, refer you to a counselor or other resources such as work-life, legal and financial support. You also have access to the website at www.guidanceresources.com (WebID:State of Delaware), mobile app to consult articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, and other helpful tools.

    Flexible Spending Account

    This is an employer-sponsored plan that allows you to have pre-tax contributions deducted from your paycheck and placed in an account to help with qualified out of pocket expenses. For more information: FSA-ASI

    Deferred Compensation

    As a State of Delaware employee or educator you are eligible for the Delaware Retirement Savings Plan. This plan provides you with the opportunity to save money for retirement on a tax-deferred basis through the convenience of a pre-tax payroll deduction for ways to better prepare you for your retirement. To learn more: DEFER-Employee Deferred Compensation Plans

    State of Delaware Employee Pension Plan

    You are a member of the State Pension Plan if you are employed by the District in a pension creditable position. Casual/Seasonal positions are not pension creditable. Employees hired on or after 1/1/2012 will be fully vested in the pension plan after 10 consecutive years of employment with the State of Delaware. Pension will be deducted at a rate of 5% of your gross earnings after have earned $6000 per calendar year (January through December). For more information, please visit: DPERS