• Citizen/Community Science in the Caesar Rodney School District

    As we continue to install and promote our outdoor learning spaces across the Caesar Rodney School District, we will want to see how they evolve over time. Specifically, as we move from mowed turf to living habitats, we want to know what new species we are attracting over time.

    If you are a member of the Caesar Rodney School District Community, projects like these may be perfect for you when you are on any of our campuses.

    To access each project, click on the related image below.

    Purple Martin Project

    Frear Elementary's Purple Martin Homeowners Association: Volunteer Landlord Nesting Study

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    Single-use Plastics Collection for Eco-Plastic Products of Delaware

    CRSD's District-wide Project Diverting Single-use Plastic Waste from our Landfills and Away from our Communities and Oceans