• In 2010, the Caesar Rodney School District began taking a much closer look at our role within, and impact on, the non-constructed world around us.  Students, faculty, and staff, along with members of our community, began designing and installing outdoor learning spaces.  Caesar Rodney High School organized our first official student led environmental organization, the Earth Club.  Along with this new student organization and new facilities, our schools continued to ramp up our commitment to recycling, school nutrition, energy conservation, sustainability education, outdoor education, and a number of other innovative programs.

    In 2017, Postlethwait Middle School was recognized as a 2017 US Department of Education Green Ribbon School, the first in Kent County.  Two years later, the entire Caesar Rodney School District was recognized as a 2019 US Department of Education Green Ribbon School Sustainable District, the second district in the state to achieve this status.  As we grow and develop into the 21st century, we continue to promote the three guiding pillars of USDOE Green Ribbon Schools beginning with the establishment of The EcoCampus which is comprised of Postlethwait Middle, Allen Frear Elementary, and the Charlton School.  The EcoCampus will serve as our CR Center for Green Schools (CRCGS) as we strive to continue to lead Delaware public schools on pathways to sustainability.



    The Outdoor Classrooms (TOC) at CRSD

    The Community Gardens (TCG) at CRSD

    The Compost Centers (TCC) at CRSD


    CRSD Orienteering Courses (hosted by Ethan Statham, 2019 Eagle Scout Candidate)