• EL Identification Procedures 

    Students are identified as ELs through a Home Language Survey (HLS) and an English proficiency assessment according to the Delaware and U.S. DOE definitions.

    Home Language Survey
    The HLS must be administered to parents of all new students in the Delaware schools when they register their students. If a parent indicates that a language other than English is used in the home, the student may be EL.

    The WIDA MODEL™ for Kindergartners or the W-APT for grades 1-12 are the placement tests that are administered, upon registration into any Delaware public school, to all students whose native language or home language is other than English (as indicated on the HLS).  The test results help to determine whether students require language support and the amount of contact hours they will receive. The placement test is only administered after the first time a student registers in a Delaware school or if a student is out of the country for 90 days or more, not including the summer months.