• Wax Museum
    Research Project 
  • Wax Museum Project 
    Project & Task Timeline

    Project Overview:
    • Choose a famous person of positive influence to research for a report and portray at the 5th Grade Wax Museum.
    • There will be three parts to the project:
       o The research report
       o Time Line
       o Wax Museum characterization
    • Work on this project will be split between school and home
    Task Due Dates (to be announced...)
       Introduce project and announce person
       Complete research and pre-write
       Complete 4 paragraph rough draft and revision
       Complete 4 paragraph report and bibliography
       Costuming and props identified
       Complete note card script for Wax Museum/Timeline
       Present memorized speech to class
       Present memorized speech, in costume with props
    Research Report
    • Students will complete a graphic organizer where they will take notes as they research their famous person.
    • Students will complete a 5 paragraph rough draft.
    • Cover page: picture of your person, title, your name, and date.
    • A final 5 paragraph report: Introduction, Important Personal Information, Major Accomplishments/Talents/Personal Strengths, Lessons/ Contributions/Life Changing and Conclusion
    • Somewhere in the report include a quote from your famous person.
    • Bibliography that includes at least 3 sources used for the report. There must be at least one book source. The Bibliography should be on a separate page with sources listed in alphabetical order by the author’s last name. See “Bibliography Guidelines” sheet.

    Wax Museum
    • Using information from their report, students create a 2-3 minute speech as if they were their famous person. In other words, from that person’s point-of-view.
    • The speech will be transferred to note cards which they may have during the event, however, their speech must be memorized.
    • For the Wax Museum event, students are to dress up like his/her famous person plus have, at least, 1 prop related to the person they are portraying.
    • You will be giving your speech in front of people who will be visiting our Famous Person Wax Museum. This includes me when I will be grading you on your speech for a Social Studies grade.
    • Your speech should be between three and five minutes in length.
    • Remember to dress up like your character and when talking about the famous person, use “I” and “me” in your speech. On the other hand, your paper will be written in third person, using “he”, “she”, and “they”.
    • Make sure you speak in a loud and clear voice and maintain eye contact with your listener(s). Pay close attention to your speaking speed and don’t rush your speech.
    • Have fun! Enjoy your speech and be ready to answer any questions people may ask you about “you”.
    Wax Museum 2
  • Possible Search Terms or Keywords
    You will need to know which famous person you will be researching before you begin to look for online sources. Once you have been assigned your person you will type their first and last name in the search boxes for each of your resources. For example: If your person is Martin Luther King Jr., you would type "Martin Luther King Jr." or even "MLK" in the search box.

    Dewey Numbers
    The majority of you will be looking in the 920-921 section of the Reily Brown Library. The majority of biographies will fall in this Dewey classification range. You can also do a catalog search to see what the specific call number for your person is and find that book quickly. (However, the 921 section is alphabetical by last name). By clicking here, you can access the library catalog (from home) or go to the Brown website and click on Resources, Library Media Center.

    Nonfiction and Reference Books
    Smithsonian Presidents and First Ladies (920 BAR)
    Barber, J., & Pastan, A. (2002). Smithsonian presidents and first ladies. New York: DK Pub.
    Portraits of African American Heroes (920 BOL)
    Bolden, T., & Pitcairn, A. (2003). Portraits of African-American heroes. New York: Dutton Children's Books.
    The New Big Book of U.S. Presidents (920 DAV)
    Davis, T. (2008). The new big book of U. S. presidents. Philadelphia: Running Press Book.
    American Heroes (920.073 DEL)
    Delano, M. F. (2005). American heroes. Washington, DC: National Geographic.

    Internet Resources

    Multimedia Resources
    Project Gutenburg

    Community Resources
    Some of you may have local famous people. Below are links that might assist you in your researching.
    Research Resources
    Bibme Bibliography Tool
    This tool can be used to create your bibliographies for your research project.
    Easy Bib Bibliography Tool
    This tool can be used to create your bibliographies for your research project.
    This Google Doc will be used to help organize important information and dates for your timeline. 
    This Google Doc will be used to organize your note taking for your research paper.
    This Google Doc will be used to help you organize your resources and properly cite those used in your paper.