• Curriculum and Instruction

  • Curriculum and Instruction Team

    The Curriculum and Instruction Team is committed to serving students, parents, educators, and the community in reaching a common goal of "providing quality educational opportunities for all students." 

    The Curriculum and Instruction team works collaboratively with teachers and administrators to plan and support research-based professional development. Through support with curriculum, based on the Delaware State Standards, strong instructional practices serve the diverse needs of our students. Students are empowered to be critical thinkers and self-advocates. Curriculum incorporates 21st Century skills to prepare students for a "successful, productive and purposeful life in a diverse, global community."

    Additionally, we take pride in serving as a resource to our parents, students and the community-at-large that expects and supports a Tradition of Excellence.

         Preparing our students for "College, Career, Life"...  "GO RIDERS!"

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