• Artisans Bank

    How to Open a “Bank at School” Account


    The Dover Branch of Artisans’ Bank will continue to hold its Bank at Fifer Middle School!!


    Be $mart and $ave!


    ·         Students in grades 6-7-8 will have the opportunity to open a non-custodial savings account.  The account will be set up in the child’s name alone; parents will not be able to withdraw these funds.


    ·         Accounts are provided to Bank at School participants free of charge.


    ·         The Artisans’ Bank at Fifer Middle School will operate every Wednesday from 7:30 a.m. to 8:15 a.m.


    ·         Bank at School branch banks are for deposits only.


    ·         Withdrawals may be made at any bank branch of Artisans’ Bank (See attached list).


    ·         Students who have existing Artisans’ Bank accounts can deposit into these accounts at the Artisans’ Bank at School or may open a new Bank at School savings account.


    ·         Attached is the Account Opening Permission Form and Account Agreement. Please return this form in an envelope with your child’s name printed on it.


    ·         The Bank at School account will be opened upon receipt of the completed permission slip/account agreement and a minimum $1.00 deposit.  Teachers and Artisans’ Bank representatives will assist the students with filling out the deposit forms.

    Thank you for your interest in Bank at School! 

    Bank At School -- Center for Economic Education and Entrepreneurship -- Delaware Financial Literacy Institute