• Scholarship Resources Available through the Guidance Office:

    1.       Delaware Scholarship Compendium Guide-This resource is made available through the Delaware Department of Education and is available through the Delaware Goes to College website (www.delawaregoestocollege.org) under "Students and then "Paying for College."  The Scholarship Compendium Guide lists scholarships, incentive programs, and other information on college planning.
    2.       Monthly Scholarship Report-As the Guidance Office is notified of scholarship opportunities, we post them to our Scholarship Report.  The first Guidance Scholarship Report of the school year is sent out to seniors through their English classes in October and monthly thereafter.  Paper copies are also available in the Guidance Office.  

    3.       Local Scholarship Bulletin-  The Local Scholarship Bulletin will be available for pick up in the Guidance Office in the Spring.   
    Once this bulletin is available, it will be advertised on our website, the daily announcements, and through senior English classes.  This bulletin lists scholarship opportunities available through local organizations, as well as specific instructions and deadlines for returning your completed applications to our office.  Please pay special attention to the instructions and deadlines for return! 

    Scholarship Application Process

    1.       Scholarship Deadlines- Please remember that students are responsible for obtaining and submitting scholarship applications to the scholarship organizations by their deadlines.  Make sure to give others enough time to complete their portion of your application so that deadlines can be met. 

    2.       Obtaining Scholarship Applications-Many of the above listed resources will direct you to a website to access their scholarship applications.  If so, follow their directions to obtain the application.  Others may direct you to the guidance office.  If you are directed to the Guidance Office for the application, please ask our Guidance Secretary, Mrs. Cook, for assistance. 

     3.       Requesting a Transcript- Not all scholarships require or want a transcript to be included.  To be sure, look through your applications in their entirety.  If they do request this information, please submit a completed, signed Transcript Request Form (available in the Guidance Office, provided in senior conferences, and available on our website) to the Guidance Office.  If there are any forms that your counselor needs to complete for the application, be sure to attach those forms to your Transcript Request Form and allow a minimum of 10 school days for completion.  Once completed, your transcript will be available for student pick-up in the Guidance Office on Mrs. Cook’s desk.  You are responsible for mailing.