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    It is my goal to partner with you and the PMS staff to keep your student healthy, in class, and ready to learn. Listed below is general information regarding school health services. Office hours are from 7:30 am to 3:00 pm; the phone number is 698-8410 ext 146; the FAX number is 302-698-8419; and the email address is:  susan.waldbusserchumley@cr.k12.de.us   

    Students entering PMS as a first time student to a Delaware Public School must have documentation of a physical (within 2 years), up-to-date immunizations, and TB screening (within 12 months) by the time they start school. This is a Delaware law. Noncompliance will result in your child being excluded from school.

    All medication is kept in the nurse’s office. New permission forms must be completed for each medication annually. If you send any medication to school it must have the pharmacy label or the original container (for over- the- counter medication). This is a state law, therefore noncompliance will result in your child not receiving the medication at school. It is recommended that all students with asthma and/or allergies have asthma and allergy medications (inhalers/nebulizers/epi pens) kept at school. Asthma, allergy, and seizure action plans are required and can be downloaded from www.pms.k12.de.us. Students participating in sports who use inhalers should carry an inhaler in their book bag for use during after school sports as needed. Permission for students to carry their own inhaler is required. This form can be obtained from the nurse's office.

    A current DIAA sports physical is required for students to participate in after school sports. Physicals must be dated after April 1 of the current year per state law...no exceptions can be made.  The DIAA Phyical Form can be obtained from the school school office and website.

    The following health screenings are administered to PMS students. All grade levels will have an Orthopedic (Posture and Gait) also known as scoliosis screening.  Students in 7th grade will have vision & hearing screenings. If your child fails any of the screenings a letter will sent home recommending evaluation by a doctor. Students who start school later in the school year will be evaluated at a later date.

    All students going home due to health issues will be sent home after an evaluation by the school nurse and will be discharged from the nurse’s office directly to their parent/guardian. If a student is sick before school starts, please do not send them to school. Students having a fever above 100 degrees may not return to school until they have been fever-free without medication for 24 hours. Students having communicable infections requiring antibiotics may not return to school until they have been on medication for 24 hours. These guidelines limit the exposure of other students and staff to potentially infectious conditions.

    We do not keep extra clothes in the nurses office. Please encourage your child to keep a seasonal appropriate change of clothes in their locker for circumstances that may arise. Thank you.

    Sharing in their care,

    Susan Chumbley, RN, MSN