Department of Business & Finance
    Scott Kessel, Director of Business and Finance
    Phone: 302-698-4800 ext. 109 
    Email: scott.kessel@cr.k12.de.us
    Lauren Pierce, Administrative Secretary
    Phone: 302-698-4800 ext. 112 
    Email: lauren.pierce@cr.k12.de.us

    Payroll Department
    Ellen Sams, Payroll Specialist for secretaries, administrators and non-Charlton teachers. 
    Phone: 302-698-4800 ext. 118
    Email: ellen.sams@cr.k12.de.us
    Eva Hays, Payroll Specialist
    for Charlton teachers, all paraprofessionals, and substitutes.
    Phone: 302-698-4800 ext. 121
    Email: eva.hays@cr.k12.de.us
    Bookkeeping Department
    Darlene Dillard, Bookkeeper
    Phone: 302-698-4800 ext.159
    Email: darlene.dillard@cr.k12.de.us