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    The CRHS community has made a commitment to excellence through the development of exemplary programs in the areas of the 4As:  academics, arts, athletics, and school atmosphere. Caesar Rodney High School offers 23 AP courses and has been a recipient of the Siemans Foundation Award for Advanced Placement and the Lt. Governor's Model of Educational Excellence Award.  Additionally, programs related to the Fine Arts, the Performing Arts, and Career and Technical Education have garnered state and national recognition for their outstanding work.  CRHS has also been the recipient of the Henlopen Conference Founders Cup Trophy in athletics for the past twenty years, which is an all sports trophy that recognizes the comprehensive success of all school teams throughout an academic year.  Rider Country is a great place for students to learn, grow, perform, play, and compete.





    As soon as a student completes 8th grade, the clock starts ticking.  From that very moment, a child has approximately two million minutes until high school graduation...Two million minutes to build their intellectual foundation…Two million minutes to prepare for college and ultimately a career…Two million minutes to go from teenager to adult.  How a student spends their two million minutes – in class, at home studying, playing sports, or working – will affect their economic prospects for the rest of their lives. Caesar Rodney High School is committed to providing students with a rigorous curriculum that challenges, supports, and prepares them during their two million minutes in Rider Country.
    The Caesar Rodney School District has established a rigorous curriculum development process which supports alignment to the Common Core State Standards.  The preparation of our students as life-long learners in a 21st century global community is the unifying objective of this process. The curriculum not only identifies essential knowledge and skills, but also supports students' development in problem solving, critical thinking, and synthesizing resources that will enable them to succeed. 




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