• Recordings of Common Phrases Chinese Characters
    1 listen Hello Teacher. 你好,老师。
    2 listen Hello Principal. 你好,校长。
    3 listen Stand up.    起立
    4 listen Sit down. 坐下
    5 listen Push in the chair. 椅子推进去。
    6 listen Come to the carpet.  来地毯
    7 listen Go back to your seat.  回座位
    8 listen Good morning.   早上好
    9 listen Good afternoon. 下午好
    10 listen I need to drink water. 我要喝水
    11 listen I need to go to a restroom. 我 要上厕所
    12 listen I need tissue. 我要面巾纸
    13 listen I am the helper. 我是小帮手
    14 listen Please help me. 请帮忙
    15 listen Clean up.  收起来。
    16 listen Put the trash in the trash can. 垃圾扔到垃圾桶。
    17 listen Put this in your cubby.  把这个放到储物格
    18 listen 1, 2, 3, Please get quiet.  一二三,请安静。
    19 listen Listen to your teacher.  耳朵听老师
    20 listen Eyes on your teacher. 眼睛看老师
    21 listen Hands folded. 双手合起来
    22 listen Crisscross Applesauce 双腿合起来
    23 listen Say this together.  一起说。
    24 listen Please hands up. 请举手。
    25 listen Who can answer this? 谁能回答?
    26 listen Please turn off the light. 关灯 
    27 listen Please turn on the light.  开灯
    28 listen Please wash your hands. 请洗手
    29 listen You are very good!  你很棒!
    30 listen Line up and walk slowly. 排队,慢慢走
    31 listen Scissors, scissors, cut, cut, cut. 剪刀,剪刀,剪,剪,剪。
    32 listen Pencil, pencil,  write,  write,  write. 铅笔,铅笔,写,写,写。
    33 listen Glue stick, glue stick, glue,  glue,  glue. 胶棒,胶棒,粘,粘,粘。
    34 listen Crayon, crayon, color, color, color. 蜡笔,蜡笔,涂,涂,涂。
    35 listen Take your lunch box and put on your jacket.. 带上午餐盒,穿上外套。
    36 listen We will switch class now.  我们现在换教室
    37 listen Goodbye Teacher.
    38 listen Goodbye Principal. 再见,校长。