• It is the intent of The Caesar Rodney School District Board of Education to operate in a 5-days a week, full day,
    in-person instruction model for the 2021-22 School Year. The District is currently developing plans for all students to
    fully return to the classroom on the first day of school, August 24th. 
    The District has no future plans to return to a hybrid model.

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        At this time, all Caesar Rodney School District schools are
        closed as per Governor Carney's State of Emergency guidance.

        Please see attached link for information on student
        work packets and online learning opportunities
        during the COVID-19 shutdown. 

        COVID-19 Resources


        COVID Resources

      COVID19 Survey
      • October 13th Parent Session Hybrid Plan

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      • Embrace After School Program

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      • CRCWP Bell Schedule

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      • Dear CRCWP Community,

        It is my pleasure to announce our new Assistant Principal with Caesar Rodney Countywide Programs: Ms. Chrissy Bevenour.  Ms. Bevenour will be overseeing the Kent Elementary ILC and supporting John S. Charlton programming.  Congratulations, Ms. Bevenour! 

        At last night’s Board meeting, the CR School Board decided to begin the 2020-2021 school year with daily remote learning for students while building up to a hybrid model (such as bringing in some small groups for instruction and related services or conducting individual assessments).  The district re-opening plan can be found on the Caesar Rodney School District website. 

        On October 19th, the intention is to have ALL onsite and offsite CR Countywide Programs return to their respective buildings: onsite students will return to John S. Charlton, KEILC will return to the ILC at Simpson, offsite elementary, middle, and high school will return to their respective buildings, and our Roads to Success students will return to Wesley. The district re-opening plan can be found on the Caesar Rodney School District website.   

        As we move closer to the start of school, I will be sharing more information on what this looks like for CRCWP as well as how we will roll small groups in for instruction, assessments, and related services.  Our top priorities are to keep students, families, and staff safe and to get our children and young adults back to the school buildings safely and as soon as we can.  We will respond to the circumstances at the time and make changes as necessary. 

        This is a very unusual way to start the year, and the thought of not being able to greet our students in- person on Sept. 8 is a struggle for all of us. This morning, CRCWP admin greeted staff with our Donut Drive-thru, and that’s when the yearning to see each other hit even more.  We miss our students. We miss each other. We want everyone to be safe. If anyone can get through this, it’s the CR Countywide family. 

        Thank you, and be safe. 


        Dr. Tina Sander-Loftus

        CRCWP Principal

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      • Announcement of New CRCWP APs

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      • Dear Caesar Rodney Countywide Program Students, Families, Staff, and Community,

        I am honored to be the next CRCWP Principal, and I look forward to continuing working with students, staff, parents, and the Caesar Rodney and local community in developing and nurturing a community of care where students are safe, supported, and inspired to reach their full potential.  CRCWP is unique in that our programs run from ages 2-21, and because of the time we spend together, we develop bonds with our students and families that extend into adulthood…..we know that families are such an integral component to their child’s education and support system!  I have had amazing opportunities to work in both public and private education in three different continents, and perhaps my greatest take-away from these educational experiences has been that families and educators everywhere  want their children to succeed and be happy, healthy, and prosperous.  As CRCWP Principal, I am committed to making every year an exceptional experience for our students, families, and staff.

        I believe that:

        • Students and staff thrive when they are in safe, inclusive environments where physical and mental well-being is assured. When someone walks into our buildings and classrooms, they should immediately feel welcomed and proud to be on the CRCWP team and part of the CR community.
        • Instruction should be individualized and data-driven to meet the unique needs of our students and to prepare them to be active members of our community. We encourage authentic school, community- and work-based learning experiences.  Quality instruction occurs when teams grow through professional development and collaborative implementation of evidence-based best practices.  Teachers should feel supported to create learning environments for optimal student learning.
        • As a team, it is our responsibility to empower students by giving them a voice and, at times, being their voice. For our students to be safe, it is extremely important to strengthen their communication.
        • Effective collaboration between parents and the instructional team is vital in supporting the potential of our students. Research shows us that the single most impactful contribution to a child’s success is parent involvement!
        • As a community, we need to embrace and appreciate diversity and learn from our differences. We must also open lines of communication among the entire team and encourage an open community forum where we truly listen to, respect, and value all ideas. This is accomplished by encouraging open-dialogue and informal and formal opportunities for discussion.
        • We must value the input of all stakeholders, including students, families, teachers, educational support staff, and community partners. For our students to be successful, every team member needs to be involved in the entire educational process.  It is our goal that all students will be actively engaged in their communities, and we ensure that every student who graduates from our program is connected with an adult agency or has secured competitive or supportive employment!
        • As a school and community, we need to appreciate and celebrate the hard work of our students, staff, families, and community partners. Great things are happening at CRCWPs, and we deserve to be recognized!

        As an educator, it has been my pleasure to guide and nurture students to lead healthy, balanced, fulfilling, and prosperous lives and to have equitable opportunities and the respect they deserve from our community.  I am constantly amazed with the innovation, passion, and dedication of our staff.  As CRCWP Principal, my role is to inspire and challenge staff to constantly raise the bar for our students, families, staff, and community.  I ask for everyone’s continued support to build upon the incredible gains that we have made collectively at CRCWP.  We will continue to grow and open more doors for our students.  Together, we are CRCWP Strong! 

        Thank you,

        Tina Sander-Loftus, Ed.D.

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      • Meals for Delaware Students: Meals for Delaware Students in DOE

        Students no longer need to be present to pick-up meals


        CR Child Nutrition Sites and Schedule:

        Updated Meal Sites


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