Wednesday Envelope
The Wednesday envelope will be sent home on Wednesday of each week. Enclosed will be important information and documents for you to read through in order to stay on top of things happening at McIlvaine, around the district, and most importantly in your child’s classroom. Please be sure to go through this envelope carefully each Wednesday, sign the front, and return to your child’s teacher on Thursday.


Color Days!

Next week we will begin learning our colors! Please see the letter enclosed in the Wednesday envelope that lists what days we will wear each color to school. Remember you can wear the color all over or just find some color in a pair of socks or shoes. We appreciate your participation.


Parent Information Night 

Next Wednesday, September 4th, is Parent Information Night. Enclosed in your child's Wednesday envelope is a letter that explains Parent Information Night with your child’s teacher.   Please remember that this is a night for parents, and child care will not be available. Although we know it is not always possible, we do ask that you try to find a sitter for your child so that all of your attention can be directed to your child’s teacher.


Volunteer Packet 

Don’t forget to complete a volunteer packet as soon as possible. If you plan on attending a field trip, helping out in the classroom, or being a volunteer in the school we will need for you to be on the approved list. It takes a couple of weeks to get approved at the beginning of the year with so many applications coming in across the district so please be sure to complete yours as soon as possible.


Tardies and Attendance

Please remember that students are considered tardy after 8:55.  If you bring your child to school after this time we will need you to park, walk your child into the main office, and sign them in. Also, any student being signed out prior to 3:30 is considered an early dismissal. Too many late arrivals or early dismissal could result in an attendance hearing. 

If your child is absent from school, a doctor’s note or parent note is necessary in order to excuse your child’s absence. We ask that all notes are turned in within 2 days returning from an absence. Please refer to the district calendar enclosed in today’s Wednesday envelope for more information concerning attendance policies in the Caesar Rodney School District.

Kindergarten Registration Information

School started on August 25th at McIlvaine Early Childhood Center. All children living in the Caesar Rodney school district who turn 5 by August 31, 2014 are eligible to register for kindergarten. Your child should also be present during registration because he / she will complete the readiness screening at that time. Registration takes approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.

Families need to bring the following information to register:
• An original copy of the child’s birth certificate
• Photo ID of the parent / guardian registering the child
• Proof of residency with your name and current address (must match photo ID information)
Acceptable documents include mortgage, rental agreement, electric bill, gas bill, or water bill
The district does NOT accept phone bills or cable bills as proof of residency
If you do not rent or own your home, please contact the McIlvaine office (335-5039) or the Welch Elementary office (674-9080) so the staff can explain the additional residency information that is needed
• Guardianship papers, if applicable
• Any health records (shots, physical, and allergy related documentation)

Rider Pride Shoelaces
Your child should be learning to tie his / her shoes. Shoe tying is an important readiness skill and it makes playing safer for students. We want all of the students at McIlvaine ECC to know how to tie their shoes. Once your child knows how to tie his / her shoes, your child will come to school and demonstrate this skill to his / her teacher. Once the teacher sees the child tie his / her shoes successfully, the student will be sent to the office to receive a pair of blue and gold “Rider Pride” shoelaces from the principals. Happy practicing!

Box tops, Campbell's Labels, and Capri Sun Pouches
Don’t forget to remind your family, friends, and neighbors to collect Boxtops, Campbell’s labels, and Capri Sun pouches for our school. Boxtops and Campbell’s labels must be cut along the dotted line and show the expiration date. Capri Sun pouches need to be emptied of all juice and dried with a paper towel. Please send these items to school with your child…the more we collect, the more we can do for our students.


Department of Justice
Bullying Prevention and School Crime Contact
Joseph Flinn (Ombudsperson)
Hotline:  1-800-220-5414
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